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The easiest way to reach us is via our email address or via our social media channels.

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Thursday 12:00 – Monday 12:00


Shuttle (Between train station Wrist and Festival)

At the moment we cannot say with certainty whether we will be able to offer day tickets!

This will only become clear a few weeks before the festival. We will inform you in time on our social media channels and on the website!

If there are any tickets left over from the pre-sale, we will be offering tiered Box Office tickets* over the weekend, as we did in 2022!

We assume that tickets will be available on Sunday in any case.

*The exact price scale for the weekend will be announced a few weeks before the festival. We will inform you in time on our social media channels and on the website!

A car pass is required for each vehicle that is to be brought onto the camping site.

You can get this either at the box office or a little cheaper in our online presale.

Resale is only permitted via our official partner TicketSwap. There you can resell the ticket easily and safely. TicketSwap takes care of the payment and rewriting and issues a new ticket. This ensures the greatest possible security. gewährleistet.

Yes, the applicable regulations currently require a participant query from us.

Ticket Support:

Yes, you can easily transfer your tickets to others via the portal Simply register there with the email address you used to purchase your ticket.

You will find the "Personalize ticket" button under "My order".

Here you can re-personalize and re-download your tickets at any time.

Tickets are generally and always non-returnable.

Any friendly and peaceful person over the age of 18 is allowed to join us at the Love and Trance Festival. Unfortunately, we cannot accept “mum slips”.

You will only be admitted upon presentation of your original photo ID. Unfortunately, we cannot check the authenticity of copies of any kind on site.

In addition, our security personnel at the entrance reserve the right to deny access to the event to extremely intoxicated or otherwise negative persons.

Take care of yourself and your friends. In this way, the festival will be fondly remembered by everyone.

In any case, you need a regular festival ticket to visit the festival. There are no separate tickets for visitors with disabilities.

However, if you have a severely handicapped ID card marked “B”, you can take an accompanying person with you free of charge. An extra ticket purchase for your companion is not necessary, but we ask you to register them in advance via our e-mail address . Please tell us the full name, address and e-mail address of your companion.

In addition, before sending the guest list ticket for your accompanying person, we need your identity card and your disability card as a photo, also by email to our email address . Your personal details must be clearly comprehensible on the photos and the note “B” must be visible.

Your companion will receive a free guest list ticket from us by e-mail after the check has been carried out.

The cars usually come with us to the campsite. Please note that you need a Carpass to take your car onto the campsite.

You can get this either at the box office or a little cheaper in our online presale.

If you only stay for a short time and do not want to camp on the site, you can leave your car in our day parking lot.

The Love and Trance Festival takes place on permanent agricultural green areas where there are no steps or other obstacles. There are no paved paths here.

There will be a disabled toilet cabin on both the camping site and the festival site, which will be marked separately.

If you lose your wristband, unfortunately we cannot replace it free of charge due to the difficulty of traceability, so you will have to buy the entry again in this case. So take good care of your wristband 😊.

Your ribbon cannot be transferred to other people, so please do not give it to your friends.

We will check your wristband here and there on our premises.

Of course there will be a sufficient number of toilet cabins on the entire site.

Gegen ein paar Taler kannst du bei uns auf dem Festival duschen.

Anything that is known to be illegal according to the law, we are also not allowed to tolerate on our premises. If you sell or consume illegal substances, you may be expelled from the premises.

We ask for your understanding!

Don't worry, the German Red Cross is on site with an adequate number of staff.

If you notice that someone is unwell, please offer your own assistance first and then call our security or bar staff, or our paramedics directly if they are within reach. Please always keep an eye on your friends, and of course on yourself.

Please make a small contribution in advance to prevent possible emergencies. This includes staying hydrated, staying out of the sun, and remembering to take essential medication if you need it.

On the camping site you can of course take care of yourself as you wish.

We can only allow plastic water bottles for this on the festival site. Please understand that we depend on the income from the bars to allow our festival to take place on this scale. The operators of the numerous food stands that you will find on our premises will thank you if you eat with them from time to time. Give it a try, there is something delicious for everyone. 😊

Of course, you can also take a few photos and videos here and there for private use. However, please try to avoid capturing the entire festival in image and sound. This disturbs your fellow human beings and damages the atmosphere.

Please respect it if other guests are disturbed by your recordings.

Officials are taking photos and filming on the festival grounds anyway, and in much better quality. Our team is permanently on site to photograph you and your friends properly and collects a lot of photo and video material, which we will publish later.

By entering the event, you acknowledge this and give permission to use the photos and videos. If you find yourself in a photo and don't want it, just let us know as soon as possible.

Please always follow the instructions of our staff. The safest place in such situations is the car. If the celebration is temporarily canceled, go to your camps and avoid trees or larger structures.

At the Love and Trance Festival, everyone is liable for any damage they cause. And here again in detail in legal German (unfortunately necessary):

We are not liable for damage that occurs during performances. As an organizer, our liability for our own and third-party actions is fundamentally limited to cases of intent and gross negligence. This does not affect the liability of the organizer for initial impossibility and the breach of contractual obligations (so-called cardinal obligations), as well as liability for damage resulting from injury to life, limb or health, which is due to a negligent breach of duty by the organiser, a legal representative or vicarious agents are based.


Please leave your pets at home. In our opinion, a music festival like Love and Trance is not the right place for dogs, cats, mice and the like. They will thank you!

There will be no central contact point or info point in the first edition.

However, you will find a sympathetic ear with each of us. Be it with security, at the bars or with our helpers and the crew. Everyone helps you where they can.

Send us an email with a detailed description of the matter to with the subject: "LOST – last name" (replace last name with yours).

We will then contact you.

For each bulky item we charge €50 and you will receive a deposit receipt.

On departure, you will get your money back when you take the bulky item with you and hand in the deposit receipt.

You will receive garbage bags and pocket ashtrays from us at the entrance. We ask you to use these as well.

Please pay attention to the environment and stow your rubbish directly in the containers provided, which are distributed throughout the site.

This makes cleaning up a lot easier for us and you will also get your X€ garbage deposit back, which you paid at the cash register at the entrance.

Grilling is allowed here, provided it is done in a proper, at least half-enclosed grill with a stable shell. Campfires of any kind are of course prohibited.

There will be a shuttle service between the Wrist station and the festival site, which will bring you back and forth safely for a small thaler.

We will announce the exact times and prices here in good time.

In addition, however, other local taxi companies are aware of the festival and run between Wrist station and the festival site every day. The distance from the Wrist station to the site is about 6 km.

Always keep your valuables with you or in the car.

You should leave the really expensive stuff at home. It's always best to keep an eye on your neighbors. If everyone does that, a lot has already been accomplished.

The latest developments make us very confident about the upcoming festival summer 😊. So far, it does not appear that events of this type and size will have to be completely canceled again.

At best, we expect a few conditions, such as a hygiene concept and a G-regulation. In the worst case, however, there will be an alternative date.