The story

True friendship, the desire for life and a common passion – three ingredients that together make every dream come true.

A chance encounter between Lenni and Flo at a festival in 2016 was what laid the foundation for the creation of the Love and Trance Festival.

In the following years, they traveled to several festivals together and quickly began to organize their own parties, including the Quarnstedt Open Air.

With their first successes, the fire for being promoters was kindled in them, and the ideas and ambitions of the two quickly grew as well.

Unfortunately, the joint wish to expand the previous events, which were still held privately at the time, could not be fulfilled by the authorities at first.

The unshakable optimism and curiosity of the two finally led to the fact that they – after roughest number juggling and exciting considerations – dared the step into the common independence and brought their first public event into being.

This was the birth of the Love and Trance Festival.